“If you persist in faith, you tarnish your intuition.”

James Mahu (The Dohrman Prophecy)

he ability to decide, following discernment, is a skill that requires a willingness to be wrong. If we live on the wheel of faith, of staying on the side of the known, we may not hear the voice of the Sovereign Integral consciousness. It is not a simple “enjoy life and live free in the moment” perspective. Nor is it all study and mastery, fraught with the politics of a hierarchy.

Light, traveling in the deep expanse of black space, is a metaphor for understanding a deeper version of truth that has no limits but time. Of expressing a willingness to bend around the walls and look at new models of existence, because it is a certainty that the ones we have applied thus far, are not working particularly well.

For those who identify with the term, Lightworkers, the Sovereign Integral is what you are. It turns out, every life form is. We are all lightworkers. A single exclusion and our light fades. But this is only our role in the dimensions of duality. We are also of a nondual nature and possibly, very possibly, we are an atom of the Unknowable.

The subtitle of The Sovereign Integral paper: ”A New Model of Existence”, is descriptive of the purpose of this paper and website. It is introducing a state of consciousness and proposing how this consciousnessーat a very basic levelーfunctions in our three-dimensional reality.

It is not stating that one consciousness is better than another. It is simply stating that there is only one consciousness experienced by an infinite number of Sovereigns who manifest an infinite number of expressions for the one consciousness to absorb, learn from, and more than anything, experience duality.

The person behind this work created the contemporary mythology called WingMakers and all of the artwork, writings, poetry, philosophy, novels, and music therein. This site is part of that mythology, but it is nonfiction as well, in as much as anything about the subjective consciousness can be real for all.

This work is an expression of one voice, and therefore deeply subjective, and yet, it seems to the author that it should be shared. Possibly it is a glimpse into a future when humanity operates in this collective understanding. The more of us that hold this vision, the more expanded becomes the mesh between levels of consciousness. The very same levels of consciousness that have permitted our separation, are now beginning to shift and are permitting a view into the Integral state of consciousness.

Consciousness is existence. A new model of consciousness defines a new existence like a mold that defines the shape of that which it casts